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Training & Development

I am dedicated to enhancing personal and professional growth through comprehensive training and development programs. Whether it is to level up your teams skills, preparation for new markets, or maximize your productivity.

I help empower individuals with the knowledge, tools, and strategies necessary to excel in business. From sharpening technical expertise to cultivating essential leadership skills, I can create a transformative learning journey tailored to your unique goals.

Unlock the Potential of Exceptional Leadership

Investing in leadership development is a strategic move that yields substantial returns for organizations. I have developed multiple comprehensive leadership courses designed to empower individuals with the skills, mindset, and understanding of effective leadership principles and practices. 

I go beyond traditional training by focusing on experiential learning, interactive workshops, and personalized coaching sessions. And engage participants in an immersive simulation, real-world case studies, and collaborative exercises, allowing them to apply their knowledge in practical, relevant contexts.

Taking Action

  • Designed and launched the company's inaugural training and development platform, resulting in cultural shifts, enhanced retention, succession planning, and increased employee engagement amidst a significant corporate reorganization.

  • Translated a vision into operational success by establishing the company's initial Training and Development team, which pioneered essential training programs for manufacturing sites and administered an $84K budget for a new training facility.

  • Developed the company's premier comprehensive training program, bolstering revenue, retention, and performance across 26 locations in the US, UK, and Mexico, benefiting over 6,000 associates within a $590K annual budget.

  • Achieved a nearly 20% reduction in attrition by designing and implementing over 20 web-based and in-person training programs with proven return on investment.

  • Cut annual expenses by $56K and attained a 25% reduction in tuition costs through the comprehensive restructuring of education and tuition assistance programs.

  • Spearheaded a team-building and innovation workshop that generated 146 new product ideas and culminated in 18 prospective products.

  • Revamped the tuition assistance program, yielding an annual savings of $56K and enhancing employees' skills and career satisfaction.

  • Initiated the company's first multilingual training initiative covering safety, compliance, and professional development.

  • Secured $180K for new training resources and spearheaded a simulation program by directing the grant writing efforts.

  • Drove 49 significant process enhancements by devising and leading a transformative root-cause analysis workshop.

  • Streamlined the onboarding process from four days to four hours by implementing Six Sigma and Kaizen methodologies.

  • Integrated the human perspective into the root cause analysis workshop, leading to widespread adoption across the enterprise due to outstanding outcomes.

  • Enhanced new hire performance and compliance by developing a system that bypassed SAP-related delays.

  • Transformed a deficient training system into a critical asset for personnel, operational efficiency, and revenue growth.

  • Amplified new employee competence by 92% by creating an innovative onboarding program.

  • Secured a 97% proficiency rate at the launch of a new production system by providing targeted training and support.

  • Addressed the need for on-site trainers without increasing staff by establishing a Training Coalition that included QA personnel.

  • Oversaw audit preparation, compliance, skills gap assessments, onboarding, learning management systems, and HR documentation for a site closure.

  • Minimized training-related audit findings by serving as an audit liaison and centralizing the management of training and compliance records.

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